Services in the area of online bookkeeping / digital document booking

In the course of the increasing digitalisation of everyday office life, the DATEV software "Buchführung und Lohn Online", which we use, opens up the possibility of digitally exchanging and recording receipts for payroll and financial accounting.

Financial Accounting

Accounting is performed for accounting companies of all legal forms, for tradesmen and freelancers who calculate surplus income, for associations, foundations and for more complex rental income. Accounting is so important because it has to be done completely, carefully and on time. We take over this task for you.

  • Preparation of financial accounting with/without open item accounting according to standard or special account frameworks with the tax consultant software DATEV.
  • Creation of financial accounting online via Internet on your or our server
  • Digital document booking with DATEV Unternehmen-Online
  • Cost center accounting, accounts receivable/accounts payable and asset accounting
  • Preparation of advance sales tax returns and recapitulative statements
  • Meaningful business management evaluations for the ongoing information of company management and banks
  • Ongoing advice with regard to tax and business management, budgeting, etc.
  • Preparation of monthly controlling reports and reportings according to the specifications of banks, the company or a parent company in German and English, also taking into account foreign accounting standards such as USGAAP, IAS and group specifications.
  • Organizational consulting and consulting for independently created bookkeeping, information about user software for accountants
  • Granting of DATEV sub-consultant numbers and access to DATEV software for self-booking clients

Annual financial statement

  • Preparation of annual financial statements with or without explanatory report (commercial balance sheet and tax balance sheet), also in English
  • Creation of an attachment
  • Preparation of opening and interim balance sheets
  • Preparation of balance sheets due to the sale or liquidation of a business
  • Preparation of final balance sheets, e.g. in the course of conversion processes
  • analysis balances
  • Result optimization proposals
  • Company key figures and industry key figures
  • Publication in the electronic Federal Gazette (elektronischer Bundesanzeiger)
  • Preparation of an abbreviated balance sheet with minimum disclosures in the notes for small limited liability companies

Payroll accounting

  • Preparation of payroll accounting, payroll account management, LSt card stickers, booking lists, remittance slips, cheques
  • Data transfer to banks with the tax consultant software DATEV
  • Wage tax returns, social security returns, professional association returns
  • Advice for part-time employees (so-called mini-jobs, internships, short-term employment)
  • Support in wage tax and social security audits
  • Advice on wage tax and social security issues
  • Advice on questions regarding bogus self-employment
  • Calculation of the total employer burden
  • Individual salary structure
  • Preparation of wage accounts / tax calculations for expatriates

Online bookkeeping / digital voucher booking

We take over the complete, careful and on time handling of all accounting work, including advance VAT returns. In the course of digitisation, the DATEV software "Unternehmen online", which we use, offers uncomplicated methods for recording all receipts and for creating an online accounting system. In the case of self-bookers, we take over your data and import it into our system.

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