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Online accounting

Services online accounting / digital document accounting

With the increasing digitalization of office life the DATEV software “accounting and payroll online” opens up the possibility to exchange and record digital documents for payroll and financial accounting.

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Advantages of digital document accounting:

  • Numerous documents already exist digitally. Online accounting for Munich eliminates unnecessary printing.
  • All documents will remain with you. No pendulum folder needs to be maintained and sent to the accountant.
  • Simple, web-based application (no program installation / administration / local backup necessary), with a smart card and password protected.
  • Accounting is always up to date. Once you have sent the scanned document into DATEV data center, it can be recorded. Receivables and payables are currently monitored.
  • Around-the-clock access to your entire financial accounting reports (business assessment, voucher list, trial balance, ledgers, etc.), as well as your salary evaluations (total cost per employee, payroll, etc.).
  • Easy location of documents (online document archive): The feature “document information” allows targeted search of documents. Enter your search criteria (eg date, invoice number, name of business partner) and get this document displayed as an image.
  • Electronic invoices can be archived quite easily and securely. (Note: electronic invoices must be archived electronically).
  • Integrated automatic cash accounting
  • Electronic payments can be handled easily through online accounting. No need for manual entry of your receipt documents. You have a current payment proposal list at any time. It can be used with payment terms, discounts and deadlines.
  • When using an additional integrated request administration module offers,orders, confirmations, delivery notes and invoices can be created.
  • It is possible to give remote support and to clarify any questions or problems to handle.
  • Low requirements on hardware: Computer with Internet access and a document scanner for both front and back pages, hiding blank pages and storing data in tif format.
  • Low monthly fees of 17.00 Euro net (plus 5.00 Euro pM when using the integrated request administration module).