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Alexia Huber & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB
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80339 München
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Accounting and Financial Statements

Services of the tax advisor office related to accounting and financial statements

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is done for reporting companies and entities of all legal forms, tradesmen and professionals using cash accounting, associations, foundations as well as for individuals with complex rental income,

  • Preparation of financial accounting with or without open item accounting for standard or special accounts framework using
    the tax advisor software DATEV
  • Online preparation of financial accounting via the internet either on your or our server
  • Digital receipt accounting with DATEV business online (Unternehmen-Online)
  • Cost center accounting, accounts receivable / payable and fixed asset accounting
  • Preparation of VAT returns and summary cross border EU-VAT reports
  • Preparation of economic evaluations for the current information of management and banks
  • Ongoing advice in tax and business matters, budgeting, etc.
  • Preparation of monthly controlling reports and reports as specified by banks, the company or a parent company in German and English, also in accordance with foreign accounting standards such as U.S. GAAP, IAS and of any group policy
  • Organizational consulting and advice for companies with inhouse accounting, information on accounting software
  • Grant of a DATEV sub-adviser number and access to DATEV accounting software for companies with inhouse accounting

Payroll accounting

  • Preparation of wage and salary calculations, payroll account management, wage tax cards stickers, booking data sheet, bank transfer forms, checks
  • Data transmission to banks with the tax advisor software DATEV
  • Wage tax returns, social security reports, trade association reports
  • Advice in marginal employment (so-called mini-jobs, internships, short-term employment)
  • Support in wage tax and social security audits
  • Advice in income tax and social security matters
  • Questions on social security obligation of freelancer
  • Calculation of total costs of employees for employers
  • Individual configuration of salary components
  • Preparation of payroll accounting and tax calculations for expatriates

Financial Statements

  • Preparation of financial statements with or without explanatory report (financial and tax reporting) in German or English
  • Preparation of notes to financial statements
  • Creation of opening and interim reports
  • Preparation of final financial reports due to business closure, sale and liquidation
  • Preparation of closing balance sheets, such as in the course of conversion processes, change of company form
  • dissolution balance sheets
  • Suggestions to optimise company profit
  • Establishing of company key figures and industry data
  • Electronic publication of annual statements
  • Preparation of a condensed annual statement containing minimum information required of small corporations, to be published